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DIY - refills for float making

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DIY - refills for float making Summary

The perfect way to buy all the bits and bobs you might need to grow or restock your float making inventory! 

Please note that the price listed is for the cheapest item in the drop down menu - other items such as the bobbin holder, paint etc that are more expensive will add the relevant amount when you select them and add to basket.

 Nothing is more satisfying than watching a float you made yourself slip away under the surface and striking into a fish!  Making floats on a whole is quite easy, but there are a few things that hold many folk back.  It is not easy to drill the hole through the center of a piece of balsa dowel without the correct tools which few people own and it is not that easy to shape the float bodies without an expensive lathe.  I have produced these kits so you can do not have to worrying about these tricky bits but can still make an incredible variety of river and still water floats.  You just add the bits you want to your basket from the drop down menu and after a bit of thought and a bit of assembly on your part you are away with a fishing float of your very own design, a total one off, not available in any shop! 

PLEASE NOTE - the lacquer is water based so clean your brush in water only.  I would recommend standing the brush in a pot of water when not in use to prevent it going hard over time.  Four coats should be plenty on any float. Allow at least 30min between coats. The paints are enamel and need thinners/ turps to clean. Two coats are recommended after an under coat of white first.

If the are any component parts you would like me to add to the drop down menu, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

WARNING: making floats can be highly addictive and can cause arguments with your significant other as it takes over your life and all of their neat work surfaces! Be warned.
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