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Welcome to Handmade Fishing Floats by Ian Lewis

Modern, British, Traditional

Extreme durability is the foundation of my entire product range where skilled craftsmanship and detail remain uncompromised. Merging the requirements of modern anglers with the naturally hard wearing and biodegradable materials used, I aim to embrace the need for cutting edge design together with traditional hand crafted products. The result.  An exclusive collection of superior modern day classics. A joy to own and a joy to use.

I am one of only a few full time professional float makers left in England.  I make fine, hand crafted fishing floats using the finest natural materials for the discerning angler. I offer a link to the way things were not too long ago, when the pace of life was just that little bit slower and people were more in touch with the tools they used.  I offer a large range of floats, some of which you may remember from childhood that are no longer available in tackle stores.  Several patterns are of my own design and others have been inspired by several highly talented cutomers from around the world - where we have collaborated to bring their ideas to reality.

I have over 100 different styles / sizes of fishing floats available on this website as well as a few accessories, boxes and gift ideas, so please enjoy your time looking around.  If you have any questions or would like a float that you can not find here, please feel free to contact me for a chat about what you are looking for and I will be glad to help.

Natural materials look and feel beautiful but more than that - most are far more durable than modern materials and should they break or get lost, are more biodegradable. All my materials are responsibly and ethically sourced, and every float is handmade by myself.

Of course this does mean that my floats are a little more expensive than mass produced plastic floats, but I believe once you have used them you will agree that the extra cost is more than outweighed by the pleasure you will get from using floats handcrafted for  beauty and strength. Let me allow one of my customers to tell you their thoughts:

"I purchased two loaded wagglers from you a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, as soon as I opened the packaging and cast my eyes over them it took me back to a bygone time of 40 years to my grandad's handmade floats. The floats absolutely ooze class, and the detail and precision is obvious as soon as you see and feel them. They are almost too good to use and would be ideally suited to being framed and placed on a wall to be admired by all. There is a saying in life that I regularly use which is totally appropriate to your floats, namely, "you pay for what you get". I can honestly say that to some people at first glance they may say these are pricey, but in reality, and I can vouch for them and proclaim that they are worth every penny. I have now used both floats on different waters, and in different conditions (calm and in strong winds), and they have performed admirably. Even at distance they are easily visible and the black whipping up the length of the stem highlight the slightest bite indication. What more could you ask for? I will be purchasing two further floats from you as a surprise xmas gift to my my fishing buddy. I cannot wait until I see his face as he opens the wrapping and casts his eyes on them for the first time and also sees his name inscribed on them, priceless! If anyone out there is undecided as to whether they should invest in one or more of your superb floats I thoroughly recommend that they purchase them immediately as they will not for one moment regret doing so".  Paul Foster

For more customer comments, please see the TESTIMONIALS page to read what other anglers think)

I have tried to divide up my website to make it easy to navigate. All floats have been put into various categories as you will see on the left - if you are a river fisherman or lake the best choices should be easy to find.  If you are after a particular cocking weight the floats are all in their place. Prefer cork to balsa?  Looking for a quill float?  Or you can just browse "All Patterns" to make sure you do not miss any!

Delivery timeI try to post orders out within 10 - 15 days, however, at busy times this might be slightly longer.  I apologise for any inconvenience and if your order is for a special occasion such as a birthday with a deadline, please contact me so we can discuss options.

Postage charges:  There is nothing more annoying than having to fill out order forms to find out postage rates so here are mine.

UK postage is charged at £2.00 on all orders under £50.  
Orders over £50, not including oak boxes is FREE
Orders including oak boxes are sent out recorded delivery and charged at £4.00
DIY float making kits postage charges are £3.50 due to size and weight.
* Postage is second class.  Orders requiring quicker delivery can be catered for but postage will be added.
Overseas (all non UK addresses) will be charged £5.50 on all purchases.  Items will be sent international airmail. Please be aware that experience has shown orders to Europe and North America have taken upto four weeks to arrive (This part is beyond my control and never ceases to stagger me in this day and age!)

Happy browsing and if you have any questions please feel free to either message me or phone me (details on the contact page)

Newsletter - I send out several newsletters each year which showcase new designs and feature customer reviews of different floats.  They always come with a 10% discount code for you to use on all purchases on my website (excluding the oak boxes).  If you would like to review a float design for me please like my Face-book page and contact me with the style of fishing you do so I can discuss various patterns needing a review with you.

Payment - you can pay by the following methods:  PayPal,  Bank Transfer,  or good old fashioned Cheque if all this modern stuff is a little bit bewildering!  (Once cheques have cleared your finished floats will be posted, however the floats will be made in good faith as soon as your order is placed.  I hope you understand).

To send payment for custom orders copy and paste this link

You will have full PayPal buyer protection and you will not pay any fees.