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Avon - Billy Lane replicas

Av Billy
5 product stars
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Avon - Billy Lane replicas Summary

3/4/5BB, 4/5AAA, 3/4SSG



Billy Lane described these as the perfect set of floats to combat every possible situation he ever faced on a river. Here are  perfect replicas of his original 1960's masterpiece - the full set of Avons as per Billy's book - the Encyclopedia of Float Fishing.

Available either as individual floats or a complete set - see product options drop down menu.

These floats are made to order - please allow up to 21 days for delivery (I aim for 10!!)

Suitable for: Will cover 90% of all situations found on a river. For shallow rivers see Trent Trotters

Good for all river species.
Materials: The floats are balsa on cane.
Cocking Weight: 3 BB
4 BB

5 BB
Please note - these floats are individually hand-crafted using natural materials, and as such actual cocking weight might vary slightly.
Float Length: Smallest float is 5.5 inches, longest is 7.5 inches.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, please just return in the original packaging and condition for a FULL refund.

 These  are popular all purpose trotting floats.  One of the reasons for their popularity is that provided you have a range of sizes you can use them to good effect on just about any water. These are not specialist floats like sticks.  A set of these will help you catch anywhere the water is moving.  The reason for the Avon's suitability for almost every trotting situation lies in its design. It has the classic features of a trotting float - buoyancy high up, sturdiness with streamlining and stability.  Naturally it performs best in ideal conditions - an upstream wind and moderate, even flow. It is attached top and bottom and fished in the traditional trotting style. The larger floats with a more streamlined body and higher shot carrying capacity can be fished well out in quite deep, fast flowing water. The smaller ones work best close in, in shallower gliding swims.  (Text taken from "Float fishing with Ivan Marks")

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Customer Reviews
3 review(s) posted (write a review)

5 product stars
Avons and others - Bob Harbin - 18/11/2018
I bought a set of Avons together with a few Stillwater flosts from Ian. They arrived very carefully packed and are superb. I've purchased a few other floats from different suppliers but theses are a cut above. The only problem is that they are addictive and you want more - Beware! Bob

5 product stars
Would recommend - Bill stroud - 06/10/2017
Excellent prompt service and the floats are of the highest quality. Would recommend

5 product stars
Simply the best - Angie Hart - 06/10/2017
my hubby love it. ++++++A. best hand made floats around .well made we well be ordering more as this order was just to see how good they was . big thank you IAN keep up the good work mate well worth the money