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Float adaptors Summary

These silicone float adaptors ( ten per pack) are an invaluable aid to changing floats quickly without the need to break down terminal tackle.  As the light changes, swap out an orange tip to a black tip or white!  Many anglers do not utilise the range of tip colours to help them detect those minute bites in different light conditions.  These adaptors have a swivel in the base to prevent line twist when winding in or casting.  Being made from soft silicone they are durable but collapse on the strike allowing instant contact with the fish while protecting your line.

a rough guide to tip colours and when to use them (I say rough as this is my personal thoughts and everyone's eyes are different so you may disagree with me)

Orange - my personal go to colour.  It shows up under most light conditions. (I use a particularly bright orange that is imported from Sweden)
Red - another favourite with many but not as easily seen in low light as the orange.
White - a much ignored colour choice but ideal if fishing into dimly lit areas, under overhanging trees.
Black - another much ignored choice.  How many times have you fished looking into the sun and the water is like a mirror?  Any colour tip in these conditions will look black (ish), so why not make sure it is easily seen and use black!
Yellow - after orange my most used colour as I do a lot of evening fishing with failing light.  These are by far the easiest to see in low light when fishing early morning for tench or dusk for margin carp.

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