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DIY Basic Float making kits

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DIY Basic Float making kits Summary

Please note that due to the size and weight of this item postage is £3.50

The perfect present for any angler who might want to expand their interest in the sport and have a new hobby to do during the dark winter nights or wet days in summer!  This is a basic introduction kit that allows you to explore your creativity and create floats suitable for both river and lake fishing.  If you like it (and be warned - this is quite an addictive passtime) you can buy refills and extra bits and bobs later on.

Kit contains

5x 2-3mm sarkanda stems (25cm)
5x 5-6mm sarkanda stems (25cm)
10x stainless steel eyes
10x 3mm cane stems (20cm)
5x assorted balsa bodies (3mm centre hole)
100ml water based lacquer
100m fly tying thread 
1x 14ml paint 
1x Razor blades

Enough to make well over 20 handmade fishing floats. Once you have this basic kit (things like the thread and lacquer are good for several hundreds floats) you can just buy refills of what you need, or if you just want or try different body sizes by clicking here

You will need to provide some household white emusion (any cheap undercoat will do) as an undercoat for the fluro tip colour.  You will need a brush, sandpaper, a bobbin holder is useful for doing the whipping.  All these are available at the link above to add as extra items to your basket.

The perfect way to get more from your fishing.  Nothing is more satisfying than watching a float you made yourself slip away under the surface and striking into a fish!  Making floats on a whole is quite easy, but there are a few things that hold many folk back.  It is not easy to drill the hole through the center of a piece of balsa dowel without the correct tools which few people own and it is not that easy to shape the float bodies without an expensive lathe.  I have produced these kits so you can do not have to worrying about these tricky bits but can still make an incredible variety of river and still water floats.  

PLEASE NOTE - the lacquer is water based so clean your brush in water only.  I would recommend standing the brush in a pot of water when not in use to prevent it going hard over time.  Four coats should be plenty on any float. Allow at least 30min between coats. The paints are enamel and need thinners/ turps to clean. Two coats are recommended after an under coat of white first.

WARNING: making floats can be highly addictive and can cause arguments with your significant other as it takes over your life and all of their neat work surfaces! Be warned!
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